Meet the teams – Shenandoah Valley Startup Weekend Feb 9 Demo List!


Here are the demo teams and what they are presenting at Shenandoah Valley Startup Weekend on February 9, 2014. Interested in watching the pitches? Buy a Demo Ticket Here.  Hope to see you there!

Hunter Valley
Hunter Valley provides voice order fulfillment and processing by phone for restaurants.

Task Rascal
Task Rascal is a cloud-based chore management marketplace.

The Exhibition
The Exhibition – “Feeding the hunger for the arts.”  The Exhibition is a venue and restaurant that supports the local arts and farmers of Harrisonburg and the surrounding area.

International Bakery
International Bakery is looking to open a co-op bakery utilizing a shared kitchen of entrepreneurial bakers.  They hope to attract the best local bakers while making revenue as a percentage of our baker’s success.

Next Level Performance Foods
Next Level Performance Foods is dedicated to partnering with Parents, Coaches, and Students to provide high performance team meals and nutritional education. We develop great healthy team meals, while educating students on how food can help their bodies perform at the Next Level.

Fair Chairs
Fair Chairs is Phase 1 of an initiative to produce affordable, eco-friendly furniture out of recycled products. We will be reusing pallets to make comfortable, durable chairs, which we will then offer for local sale at a reasonable rate.

Code Colony
Code Colony is an interactive video game that promotes the learning of programming and problem solving.

We are PoWear. We facilitate freedom, with style. PoWear is an innovative company that specializes in creating fashionable, wearable technology. Our product opens a door to a new lifestyle.

– Shenandoah Valley Startup Weekend Organizers